CHAPTER XIX - H.L. Wiechers in the Agriculture and Petroleum Businesses.

  • 19.1   The Hacienda “San Cristóbal Cuyucuenda” or “El Cocuite”, in Veracruz.
  • 19.2   The Oil Prospections during the lifetime of H.L. Wiechers and Lucía Léycegui de Wiechers.
  • 19.3   The beginning of the desintegration of the Hacienda “San Cristóbal Cuyucuenda” or “El Cocuite”.
  • 19.4   The death of Lucía Léycegui de Wiechers and the division of the Hacienda "San Cristóbal Cuyucuenda" or "El Cocuite" among her inheritors.
  • 19.5   Final remarks on what once was the Hacienda "San Cristóbal Cuyucuenda" or "El Cocuite". 
  • 19.6   The Hacienda “La Victoria” in Durango.
  • Pictures and Appendices to Chapter XIX.
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