CHAPTER III - The Ancestors of H.L. Wiechers in the North of Germany.

  • 3.1     Johann Coord Wiechers [y Castens] and Sophie Gerdrud Lisebeth Hasselmann [y Fuchs]. The Paternal Grandparents of H.L. Wiechers.
  • 3.2     The Ancestors of Johann Coord Wiechers [y Castens] in Barrien and Surrounding Area: a) Christoph Wiechers [ex-Wedekind] and Gesche Castens [y Fuchs]; b) The Castens family; c) The Müller-Wiechers and Castendieck-Wiechers family branches.
  • 3.3     The Ancestors of Sophie Gertrud Lisebeth Hasselmann [y Fuchs] in Barrien and Surrounding Area: a) Johann Hinrich Hasselmann und Sophia Elisabeth Fuchs [y Baumgarten]; b) The Fuchs family.
  • 3.4     The origins of Matthias Ludewig Diederich Manneroh in Hagenow/Mecklenburg and surrounding area.
  • 3.5     Matthias Ludewig Diederich Manneroh and his first marriage with Susana Maria Kribbe.
  • 3.6     The marriage of Matthias Ludewig Diederich Manneroh and Catharina Margaretha Schaffer [y Nordmann]. Maternal Grandparents of H.L. Wiechers.
  • 3.7     The Ancestors of Catharina Margaretha Schaffer [y Nordmann] in Bassum and Surrounding Area: a) Explanation; b) The Schaffer [y Nordmann] family; c) The second marriage of Margarethe Anne Elisabeth Nordmann [y Hillmann], with Jürgen Heinrich Heidhaus; d) The Nordmann ancestors; e) The Schaffer [y Wiese] family.
  • Pictures and Appendices to Chapter III.
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