CHAPTER XXIII - Veracruz 1867, the Mexican Dunkirk: H.L. Wiechers and the Repatriation to Vienna of the Body of Emperor Maximilian together with the Re-embarkation of the Austrian Soldiers. ORIGINAL VERSION.

  • 23.1   The Death of Emperor Maximilian.
  • 23.2   Vice-Admiral von Tegetthoff is sent to Mexico.
  • 23.3   Vice-Admiral von Tegetthoff and the repatriation of Austrian soldiers of the former Mexican Imperial Army.
  • 23.4   Vice-Admiral von Tegetthoff and the recovery of Maximilian’s Body.
  • 23.5   H.L. Wiechers, Knight –Ritter- of the Imperial Order of the Iron Crown, Third Class.
  • 23.6   The individuals honored with the Imperial Decorations (with relation to Mexico) according to the Hof- und Staats-Handbuch des Kaiserthumes Österreich für das Jahr 1868.
  • 23.7   The Original Documents in the Haus- Hof- und Staatsarchiv at Vienna.
  • 23.8   Continuation of the Investigation in Vienna.
  • 23.9   Additional actual traces of these decorations in Austria and Mexico.
  • 23.10  H.L. Wiechers and his use of the Imperial Order.
  • 23.11  Brief biography of H.L. Wiechers, from the Home Page of Wiecherspedia.
  • 23.12 Biographical information on the other benefficiaries of the Austrian Imperial Orders: a) Hermann D. Watermeyer [y Benjamín]; b) Franz Freiherr De Fin and Hamilkar Freiherr De Fin; c) Nathaniel Davidson; d) Samuel Ritter von Basch; e) Richard Kerschel, later Richard Kerschel Edler von Kernegg; f) Richard Goss; g) August Christian Doormann; h) John H. Bahnsen; i) Carl Stephan; j) Josef von Mihalovits; Alfons von Kodolitsch.
  • Exhibit 1. Press Information in Austria on the Official Funeral of Emperor Maximilian.
  • Exhibit 2. Information from the Press and other sources, in Mexico and Abroad on the repatriation of the Austrian and Belgian soldiers of the Mexican Imperial Army: a) Evacuation duly coordinated with the French troops; b) Evacuation on Emergency Grounds motivated by the Collapse of the Second Empire.
  • Exhibit 3. The Annual Messes in Mexico for the Soul of Emperor Maximilian and Generals Miramón and Méjía.
  • Exhibit 4. Recent investigations which employ Wiecherspedia as source of information regarding the Second Mexican Empire.
  • Pictures and Appendices to Chapter XXIII.

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