CHAPTER XX - H.L. Wiechers in the Real Estate Business and other Activities.

  • 20.1   The Real Estate undertakings of H.L. Wiechers. a) The constructions and properties in Santa Mari­a la Ribera; b) The property at Portal de las Flores N°3, location of the cloth store 'La Valenciana'; c) Other properties and real estate investments of H.L. Wiechers.
  • 20.2   The Trade Associations and Philanthropic Activities of H.L. Wiechers.
  • 20.3   H.L. Wiechers and the "Instituto Científico de México, S.A." (Mascarones School).
  • 20.4   The personal import operations of H.L. Wiechers.
  • 20.5   Lawsuits filed by H.L. Wiechers or those concerning him.
  • Pictures and Appendices to Chapter XX.
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