CHAPTER VIII - The Immigration of H.L. Wiechers to Mexico and his domiciles in the country.

8.1    The family “Legends” on H.L. Wiechers.

  • 8.2    The departure from Germany of H.L. Wiechers and his brothers.
  • 8.3    The Residences of H.L. Wiechers in Mexico.
  • 8.4    The domicile at San Agustín N°7 in Mexico City.
  • 8.5    The domicile at Cadena N°4 in Mexico City.
  • 8.6    The domicile at Naranjo N°96 in Mexico City.
  • 8.7    Capuchinas N°50 (formerly Cadena N°4), after 1910.
  • 8.8    The domicile at Independencia 23 in Veracruz.
  • 8.9    The mausoleum of H.L. Wiechers and his family at the French Cemetery (Panteón Francés) in La Piedad.
  • 8.10  Name used by H.L. Wiechers in México.
  • 8.11  The languages spoken by H.L. Wiechers.
  • Pictures and Appendices to Chapter VIII.
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